Friday, January 11, 2013

Richard Ashcroft of The Verve

NAME: Richard Ashcroft
OCCUPATION: Songwriter, Guitarist, Singer
BIRTH DATE: September 11, 1971 (Age: 41)
EDUCATION: Upholland High School, Winstanley College
PLACE OF BIRTH: Wigan, England, United Kingdom
NICKNAME: Mad Richard

The singer-songwriter is known as the lead vocalist and occasional guitarist for the alternative rock band the Verve.
He was the only son to father Frank, an office clerk, and mother Louise, a hairdresser. He has two younger siblings, Victoria and Laura.
In 1982, when Ashcroft was 11 years old, his father suddenly died due to a brain hemorrhage. His father's passing affected him deeply, causing great emotional turmoil in the young lad. He was considered an outsider in school, and expressed himself by experimenting with different haircuts and hair colors. After his mother remarried, Ashcroft fell under the influence of his stepfather, a member of the Rosicrucian ancient secret society.
Ashcroft dated college sweetheart Sarah Carpenter for six years, and she appeared on the cover of the Verve EP album.

In July 1995, Ashcroft married Kate Radley, the former keyboard player of the band Spiritualized. Together, they have two sons: Sonny, born in 2000, and Cassius, born in 2004. They live in Gloucestershire, England.

n a 2006 interview, Ashcroft mentioned taking Prozac to help him with clinical depression, but said that they didn't help, referring to the pills as "very, very synthetic." Ashcroft has said that he's always been "a depressive, someone who suffers from depression", and that music and creativity help him cope with his illness.

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